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FS-KIT104 STD2016 Rescue Kit Pro

Heavy duty rope access harness
1 dorsal D-ring and 2 front loops (to be together) for
attachment of fall arrest systems
2 side D-rings for work positioning
Sit harness with 2 ventral loops for rope access
FALL SAFE® 3-D ergomic Suport Belt
FALL SAFE® ergomic Back Pad
Removable back protection
Padded legs that move with the user, doesn’t chafe
IZY quick connect aluminum buckles
Sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL
Weight 2,0 Kg

CE  EN358:2001 EN361:2002 EN813:2009 

Length 10, 20 or 30m
Descend device DSD Plus for up to 2 persons
Integrated light weight winch system, avoid cutting the rope!
Storage bag in PVC
Weight 10m - 3,0Kg 20m - 3,4 Kg 30m - 3,8 Kg

CE EN341:2011
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FS-KIT 104FS-KIT104 STD2016 Rescue Kit Pro 9 350,00
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